BP Counts on Public’s Short Term Memory to Continue Deep-Water Drilling

Oil giant BP is counting on the public having short term memory when recalling the biggest oil disaster in history. Whereas environmentalists are counting on BP having to answer for the damage it has caused to serve as a deterrent from putting our oceans and the livelihoods of the habitants of the coastal regions of Louisiana, Texas and Florida at risk in the future by continuing the indisputably dangerous practice of deep-water drilling, BP is using clever advertising ploys in hopes of triggering worldwide amnesia.

The fact that the White House issued a statement last Wednesday claiming that most of the spill has “either been dispersed, burned off, skimmed up, directly recaptured through containment efforts, evaporated or dissolved” illustrates the scope of its efforts to sweep the long-term ravages of the Deepwater Horizon accident under the proverbial rug.

Trial lawyers will have their work cut out for them trying to prevent BP from continuing business as usual while shielding themselves from any further justified anger with their public relations campaign repeatedly spinning the phrase “we will make this right”.

“Business litigation appears to be the only language that has any merit with BP,” said Terry Watson, a marine biologist and concerned citizen. He goes on to say, “It is becoming clearer to the people of Louisiana and other states directly affected by the spill that litigation is the only course of action that has any chance of preventing the gigantic oil company from continuing their destructive and negligent drilling operations. They are getting away with leaving a legacy of incomprehensible environmental wreckage to the delicate sea-life dependent on the conservation of our oceans as well as to the generations ahead.”

BP has already begun the process of firing 10,000 clean up workers and has started making plans to reinitiate its deepwater drilling practices.

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